Gestalta is a London based artist and model. The main focus of her work is shibari (also known as kinbaku, or Japanese rope bondage) which forms the primary basis of her live performance and installation art. Much of her work stems from her interest in structure, movement and the human form, and a fascination with the links between eroticism, surrealism, and our often uncomfortable relationship with transience; all of which she frequently explores in her performance and rope work but also in her photography and, often, in her work as a model.

As a performance artist her work has been seen around Japan and Australia, and in many European cities including London, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Geneva, and Barcelona.

Gestalta curates The Soap Box, a regular performance & art evening which she co-organises in collaboration with Anatomie Studio.

She frequently holds workshops about Shibari, including a monthly Introduction to Shibari open to complete beginners at Anatomie Studio, London, and also teaches privately.


Gestalta has been studying shibari since her introduction to it in 2007, and was first introduced to it as a form of performance in 2009. Her initial interest was purely in the visuals of shibari, such as the seemingly organic structure of rope on the body, or the evocative photography of Nobyoshi Araki, but as she began to familiarise herself with the experience first hand she soon developed an appreciation for the psychological and erotic aspects of rope bondage, which lead her on a journey into the world of BDSM, first in the west, and eventually into the underground of Tokyo and Osaka. Her relationship with shibari continues to fluctuate between the sexual and the artistic aspects.

As a performer her work is often direct and minimalistic with a focus on bold, dynamic transitions and movements, which she likes to contrast by presenting in a soft, subtle, and feminine way. More recently, she has been working on rope based installations.

She absorbed much of her technical rigging style as a natural process of observation and experience during the 3 years (2011 - 2014) she spent modelling for top Japanese nawashi, Kazami Ranki, but prefers to mix and evolve elements from different styles rather than to follow any ryu (style) religiously.

She is available as a performance and installation artist, and also for photo / video shoots - please contact with any enquiries. More information on Private Tuition and Workshops, including dates and prices can be found here.

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Gestalta's work deals with themes of eroticism, surrealism, power exchange and distorted realities. She is sometimes looking for people who are interested in appearing in her photos, so please feel free to get in contact if you are interested to collaborate.

MODEL: Gestalta worked as a professional model for many years, in genres ranging from fashion to art. Currently she is only available for projects where she has a strong creative interested in the themes, or an involvement with the creative process.

self portrait of gestalta, with kimono and shibari



The Soap Box is a bi-monthly evening of performance and art, curated by Gestalta and organised in collaboration with Anatomie Studio.

For more information, including upcoming events, galleries of past events, and information on tickets please visit The Soap Box website.



Enquiries and bookings:

Cancellation policy: bookings cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice are subject to a cancellation fee. International bookings are additionally subject to a reimbursement of any expenses already incurred at the time of cancellation irrespective of the notice given.

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- Moscow Knot
(Moscow, April 2016)
- The Realm of Shunga, immersive theatre performance
(London, April 2016)
- The Soap Box, Performance + event organiser / curator
(London, April 2016)
- The Soap Box, event organiser / curator
(London, February 2016)
– Bound, Performance
(London, January 2016)
– Red Bind Variation 2 performance w/ Gorgone and Bruno Ducret (live cello)
(Paris, November 2015)
– Nude Noir Halloween, Performance
(London, October 2015)
– London Fetish Weekend performance
(London, October 2015)
– London Festival of Rope Art performance
(London, September 2015)
– Nude Noir, Food Noir, Performance
(London, September 2015)
– Miscellanea Arts Club, Vauxhall, Performance
(London, September 2015)
– Eurix: double self suspension performance
(Berlin, September 2015)
– Shibari Night; Anatomie
(London, August 2015)
– Jyowa: 10th anniversary of the death of Akechi Denki memorial performance with Pedro
(Tokyo, July 2015)
– Kinbaku Live at Studio 6 w/Osada Steve
(Tokyo, May 2015)
– Saturday Night Live
(Paris, April 2015)
– Saturday Night Live. Performance
(Paris, April 2015)
– Nude Noir, Valentine’s, performance
(London, February 2015)
– Kinbaku Untied, Performance
(Barcelona, January 2015)
- Bound, Performance
(London, January 2015)
– Kinbaku Magic, Performance with Miumi-U
(London, December 2015)
– Tokyo Underground. Performance with Miumi-U
(Geneva, Switzerland, November 2014)
– Tokyo Underground. Performance
(Geneva, Switzerland, November 2014)
– Shibari Night with Miumi-U and Gestalta, performance
(Prague, Czech Republic, November 2014)
– Sydney Rope Festival, performance w/ Kazami Ranki
(Sydney, Australia, October 2014)
– OzKinkFest, the Australian Fetish Expo
(Melbourne, Australia, September 2014)
– Start Options Exit & Melbourne Underground Film Festival opening night
(Melbourne, Australia, September 2014)
– Bound, Performance
(London, UK, September 2014)
-Wireless Festival, performance
(London, UK, July 2014)
– Club Rosas 5, performance w/ Miumi-U
(Barcelona, Spain, April 2014)
– Torture Garden. Performances w/ Kazami Ranki
(London, UK, April 2014)
– Impacts, performance w/ Kazami Ranki
(Paris, France, April 2014)
– PSYDOLL, performance w/ Miu Miu
(London, UK, February 2014)
– Artful Badger: The Art of Hearts Valentines Ball, performances
(London, UK, February 2014)
– Bound. Performance
(London, UK, February 2014)
– Sydney Rope Festival, performance w/ Kazami Ranki
(Sydney, Australia, October 2013)
-Sydney Rope Festival, collaborative performance w/ Kazami Ranki, Milla Reika and Nami.
(Sydney, Australia, October 2013)
– Torture Garden Birthday Ball. Performances w/ Kazami Ranki, 10th & 11th May
(London, UK, 2013)
– Artful Badger: The Love Nest Valentine’s Ball, performances.
(London, UK, February 2013)
– London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, 2 performances w/ Kazami Ranki
(London, UK, 2012)
– London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, performance w/ Kazami Ranki
(London, UK, 2011)
– Cirque du Soir, various regular performances w/ Esinem
(London, UK, 2011)
– Don’t Japanic, performance w/ Esinem
(London, UK, 2011)
– Lucha Britannia: February Falls, performance w/ Esinem
(London, UK, 2011)
– CSVPA fashion show, Cambridge Corn Exchange
(Cambridge, UK, 2010)
– Rubber Ball, w/ Esinem
(London, UK, 2009)


- Moscow Knot
(April 2016)
- Norway; 2 day workshop
(March 2016)
- London; Introduction to Suspension
(February 2016)
- London; Levelling up 4 week course
(January - February 2016) - London; Self Suspension
(August 2015)
- London; Strappado
(August 2015)
- London; Introduction to Shibari
(taught monthly at Anatomie Studio since August 2015)
- Bournemouth Tea Party
(3 workshops during 2015)
– Paris; 3 day workshop
(April 2015)
– Edinburgh; 2 day workshop
(March 2015)
– London; Secret Shibari
(February 2015)
– London; Bound workshop
(January 2015)
– Glasgow; An afternoon with Gestalta
(November, 2014)
– London; A day with Gestalta: tying your partner, not a partner
(November 2014)
– Workshop with Miumi-U
(Lausanne, Switzerland, November 2014)
– Workshop with Miumi-U
(Prague, Czech Republic, October / November 2014)
– Workshop with Miumi-U
(Berlin, Germany, October 2014)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass Model
(Sydney, Australia, September/October 2014)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass Model
(London, UK, April 2014)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass Model
(Paris, France, April 2014)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass Model
(Sydney, Australia, September/October 2013)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass Model
(London, UK, May 2013)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass model
(London, UK, October 2012)
– Kazami Ranki Masterclass model
(London, UK, May 2012)
– London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage
(London, UK, 2009)
- London, Kasumi Hourai 5 day workshop
(August 2015)


– ‘The Pleasure of Rope’ – feature length documentary
– Cradle of Filth, Right Wing of the Garden Triptych – music video
– The Melodic – music video
– Jagga, Love the Pain – music video
– ‘Suitably Rewarded’: a short film collaboration with Disappointed Virginity
– ‘A Special form of Denial’: a film by Disappointed Virginity
– Fetisch Park – Music Video
– Documentary for french-speaking Canadian TV on artistic representation of body image
– Channel 4 – Body Shocking Show.


– ?????? Maniac Club (Japan), January 2012
– Hustler’s ‘Taboo’ Magazine (10 page bondage feature), Jul – Aug 2014
– Von Gutenberg magazine, Issue 3 (8 page editorial feature for Libertinesque)
– Feigenblatt Magazin, Issue 17 (editorial – China Hamilton)
– //SLANG Magazine, Issue 10, December 2012 (editorial for Karolina Lakowska lingerie)
– SKIN. Magazine, The Dorsia Issue. Issue 3, August 2012 (editorial – Twitchet)
– Fet-X Magazine Issue 3 (editorial – China Hamilton)
– DUSTY Magazine, Issue 6, May 2013.
– Sicky Magazine, July 2012
– Bernadinism Magazine #2 Spring Issue, 4 full pages.
– Nocturnal Magazine, March 2010
– Karolina Laskowska lingerie 'Girls that glitter love the dark' collection
- CD Album Cover of ‘The Reins of Life’ by Lark Blames
– ‘Kinky Nature’ (Emma Delves-Broughton)
– ‘What Katie Did’ (Collection 7).
– Cover of EPS flyer.
– ‘Gratuitous Sex and Violence – My Favourites’ (Alva Bernadine)
– ‘Chronicle’ (Mick Waghorne)
– ‘Katie Kelly’s Pillow Book’: (EPS; Marian Alonso)


– Sh!, London (2011)
– ‘The Throne and The Theatre’, Gallery 320, London (2010)
– ‘The Elusive Theatre of Biology’, Pierre Garroudi Gallery, London (2010)
– ‘Three of a Kind’, Soho, London (2009)
– ‘Thus Far…’ (2009)
– Jago Gallery, London (2008)
– Night of the Senses (2008)
– London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (various)
– Erotica (various)
– Seattle Erotic Art Festival (various)
– Linden House Gallery (various)