I was introduced to shibari in 2007 and have been immersed in it ever since.

My interest was initially sparked by the aesthetic; the seemingly organic structure of rope melding with flesh, in the works of Nobyoshi Araki, and other artists whose works I had collected in scraps from the few Japanese publications available.

As I began to practice it myself I also found an interest in exploring the potential of ropes to open up new ways to connect with the body, with other people, and the effects of pushing myself into seemingly ‘extreme’ psychological and physical states.
I began using shibari in performance in around 2009 and developed an interest in impermanent structures, and the fragile balances found between us, our environment, and within intimate connections.
Although I see shibari very much as an art form, it is also important to me that it’s roots in pornography are not glossed over; I see it also as a powerful way of reconciling any perceived conflict between art and sex and exploring the relationship between the two.

I have performed around Japan, Australia, and many European cities including London, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Prague, Geneva, Barcelona, Lisbon, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Lyon.

In 2019 I published a tutorial book “Shibari Suspensions: a step by step guide“.


Jardín Salvaje – Butoh / Shibari performance with Marlène Jöbstl and Pauline Massimo | Espacio Nōs, Barcelona, Spain, March, 2022

flux nX cusp – Installation at ‘In Excess’ group exhibition, and performance in collaboration with Dasniya Sommer at ‘In Excess’ opening night | 3hd FestivalBerlin, Germany, October, 2021

Mayfly – Performance in collaboration with Shantel Liao. Model: Miauleks. Audio composition by Robert Mirolo and Julia DeMartino. | Karada House, Berlin, Germany, November, 2019

Materials! Sex! Heritage! seminar – Performance / discussion of performance. | University of Gothenburg Gothenburg, Sweden, September, 2019

Petrichor – (crafting the paradisical erotic) performance | Royal College of Art London, UK, January 2019

Corpseplay / The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife – performance + film screening in collaboration with Tamandua | Mainoeuvre gallery Berlin, Germany, July 2018

Gender Archive Exhibition – performance at Berlin Art Week by Tamandua and Gestalta | UY Studio, Berlin, Germany, September 2018

Adelaide Fringe Festival – performances | Adelaide, Australia, March 2018

Shibari Suspensions: a step by step guide – Author. ISBN 978-0-9576275-4-3 | May 2019

Spellbound – short film. Director: Ulrike Kaffei. Produced at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg | Germany, October 2018

Intimacy and Impermanence – keynote presentation and performance at the Intimaterial symposium, | Royal College of Art – London, UK, June 2017

Circle Drawing – Performance and performance relic devised in collaboration with Mat Chivers. Performed by Gestalta and Marika Leila Roux. Live digital sound by Moire. [17 min] | Harmonic Distortion exhibition, PM/AM gallery – London, UK, November 2016

Shibari – Performed by Pedro Diniz Reis and Gestalta. [75 min] | Culturgest – Lisbon, Portugal, June 2016

Akechi Denki 10th Anniversary Memorial – performance by Pedro Diniz Reis and Gestalta | Tokyo, Japan, July 2015

Red Bind (Variation 2) – performed by Gorgone, Gestalta and Bruno Ducret (live cello) | Paris, FR, November 2015

Cirque Shibari – month long research and development project | Schwelle7, Berlin, Germany, August 2014

Festivals – Presentations at international shibari festivals, including:
London (2009, 2011, 2012, 2015), Rome (2018), Sydney (2013, 2014), Berlin (2015, 2016, 2017), Prague (2016, 2019), Moscow (2016), Helsinki (2018), Tallinn (2016)