Lucha Britannia & Don’t Japanic…

…it’s about time I finally got around to uploading these photos from a couple of recent(ish) performances with bondage artist Esinem.

Firstly are these from ‘Don’t Japanic’, a rather cool Japanese night in Bethnal Green.  We were on stage last so got lots of time to see the quirky Japanese live bands and old-school ‘man-in-monster-suit-jumps-on-small-cardboard-city’ movies (see third pic down.  10 points if you can work out what film it is is).

I especially love the first photo in this set, taken mid-spin whilst I was suspended… the lines of light are from the candles attached to the ropes.

The photos are all by Manolo Remiddi and you can see some more shots from this event in his gallery here.


These next photos are from a Lucha Britannia show in February… we did a popeye-inspired thing in which a rather inebriated Bruce was bought to his senses with a foot-long joint found in a can of spinach I handed him in an attempt to sober him up… which of course transformed him into super-bondage-popeye and I got suspended from the ropes at the edge of the wrestling ring.

These photos are by Al Veryard, Izaskun Gonzalez & Armando De Ath… possibly more to follow (Manolo… ahem… hint…)

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