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Psydoll: Nippon Syndrome…


Photos from a show that I did with beautiful Japanese rigger Miu Miu at the Resistance Gallery.   The show was a warm up act for cyber-punk band ‘Psydoll’, who’d flown all the way from Japan that morning!
Miu Miu is such an awesome person to perform with, and created a lolita themed story for this show… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Sydney Rope Festival – part II


Continued from this post.

So, once the masterclasses were over, we had 3 days of performances and smaller workshops.  I was getting pretty tired by this point as I’d been suffering from Aussie flu / unfamiliar pollen induced hayfever /something else with similar symptoms all week and was averaging about 2 – 4 hours sleep per night, with the rest of the time spent awake sneezing large amounts of blood and nursing a sore throat that made me sound like I was mimicking (badly), some little kawaii girl… for those of you who I met for the first time and assumed it was my real voice, I can assure you it wasn’t; and for those of you who had met me before and assumed I was just being silly, I also really really wasn’t.  Moving on… Continue Reading →

More Bondage Ballet, and a few Kazami updates…


Hello there,

This is an unusually long blog post for me… So first, a few updates!

Kazami Ranki, internationally renowned Japanese bondage master, is back in London!  As most of you probably know, I am his UK model; I’ll be modelling for him at his masterclasses from 4th-8th May and we will also be performing together at Torture Garden on 10th and 11th May – hope to see some of you there! Continue Reading →

Film Plugs…


Another little postie to tell you about new dvd’s a couple of friends of mine have out / are releasing. Continue Reading →

The London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage…


Well, I really don’t know where to start on this one (and as a result I’ve spent nearly 2 weeks, and heaven Continue Reading →

No longer homeless…


… actually I’ve not been homeless for over a month now, but as well you know I’m lazy with blog updates.
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Lucha Britannia & Don’t Japanic…


…it’s about time I finally got around to uploading these photos from a couple of recent(ish) performances with bondage artist Esinem. Continue Reading →