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Psydoll: Nippon Syndrome…


Photos from a show that I did with beautiful Japanese rigger Miu Miu at the Resistance Gallery.   The show was a warm up act for cyber-punk band ‘Psydoll’, who’d flown all the way from Japan that morning!
Miu Miu is such an awesome person to perform with, and created a lolita themed story for this show… Continue Reading →

Self suspension in Aus…


Some self suspension shots from an evening shoot with Nick Brook-Wilkins (BW AltImages), whilst I was in Brisbane, Australia last month.   Continue Reading →




Well, I know that’s a rubbish title, but unfortunately a stupidly clichéd title for a blog post regarding a bondage shoot in Stockholm jumped into my head, and I couldn’t get it out :( Continue Reading →

Australia: The Sydney Rope Festival – part II


Continued from this post.

So, once the masterclasses were over, we had 3 days of performances and smaller workshops.  I was getting pretty tired by this point as I’d been suffering from Aussie flu / unfamiliar pollen induced hayfever /something else with similar symptoms all week and was averaging about 2 – 4 hours sleep per night, with the rest of the time spent awake sneezing large amounts of blood and nursing a sore throat that made me sound like I was mimicking (badly), some little kawaii girl… for those of you who I met for the first time and assumed it was my real voice, I can assure you it wasn’t; and for those of you who had met me before and assumed I was just being silly, I also really really wasn’t.  Moving on… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Sydney Rope Festival – part I


So, I appear to have been in Australia for about a week and a half now (how the hell did that happen?). Being upside down turns out to be great fun, and as I’ve spent a considerable amount of time since I got here upside down, all you folks back home will be pleased to work out that I’m technically the right way up :)

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The Rope…


Some self portraits, of sorts.  The photographer, rigger, retoucher, lighting, set, and both models are me.  The beautiful kimono was a present from Kazami Ranki, and the drawing that you can just see on the wall is ‘Daruma Doll’ by Nawashi Murakawa (two of my favourite people and rope artists). Continue Reading →

Little Rock…


I’m back from my travels again :)  This time I was touring Sweden and Denmark!  My schedule looked a bit like this: Continue Reading →

Aerial acrobatics…


Last set of photos from a shoot with John Tisbury a couple of months ago (although we also shot a video, so hopefully I’ll be able to share that with you soon!)  I really love doing the sort of rope which allows me to move around and pull shapes like this.  Continue Reading →

More Bondage Ballet, and a few Kazami updates…


Hello there,

This is an unusually long blog post for me… So first, a few updates!

Kazami Ranki, internationally renowned Japanese bondage master, is back in London!  As most of you probably know, I am his UK model; I’ll be modelling for him at his masterclasses from 4th-8th May and we will also be performing together at Torture Garden on 10th and 11th May – hope to see some of you there! Continue Reading →

Ballet Cat…


These photo are from a recent shoot with John Tisbury.  There are quite a few photos from this so I’ll be posting them in 3 parts. Continue Reading →